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A peanut shell removing machine is equipment that specializes in removing peanut shells. And with people planting peanuts in a large area, a peanut shelling machine has become one of the necessary equipment. And the peanut sheller mainly adopts the rolling and peeling methods. What’s more, the peanut thresher machine has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, long service life, good peeling effect, low half grain rate, and good quality.

The machine is suitable for processing various sizes of peanuts. And we have different models of commercial peanut shellers. They have different outputs, that is,200kg/h,600-800kg/h. So, customers can choose according to their needs. Besides, we also have combined peanut shelling units, which have a bigger output.

Peanut shell removing machine in Tajistan

The customer saw our peanut shelling machine from Alibaba. So, our sales manager contacted the customer directly. The customer has a large field to grow peanuts. Therefore, he wanted to dry the peanuts and sell them directly to grain mills, oil mills, supermarkets, etc. In the process of communication with the customer, our sales manager recommended the 800 peanut shelling machine according to the customer’s peanut production. And then customer needed detailed parameters and a working video of the machine. So, we sent the relevant information to the customer. The customer expressed satisfaction after watching it and finally decided to order a peanut shell removing machine.

Specification of the peanut sheller machine

Power3KW Motor or gasoline engine or diesel engine
peanut sheller machine’s parameter

How does the commercial peanut sheller work?

Working principle of peanut shell removing machine

Peanut shell removing machine mainly includes a frame, fan, rotor, single-phase motor, screen, feeding hopper, vibrating sieve, triangle belt pulley, and its transmission triangle belt. And after the normal operation of the machine, put peanut into the feed hopper quantitatively, evenly, and continuously. And under the action of repeated blows, sassafras, and collision of the rotor the peanut shell separates from the kernel.

Then the peanut grains and broken peanut shells are filtered and separated through the screen of a certain aperture under the rotor’s rotating wind pressure and blows. Peanut shells, kernels in the role of the rotating fan blowing force, the light peanut shells blew out of the body. And the heavier peanut kernels through the vibrating screen screening to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Peanut Sheller
Peanut Sheller

Automatic peanut sheller precautions

1. Before use, we should check whether the fasteners are tightened. And whether the rotating part is flexible, and whether there is the lubricant in the bearings. We should place the shelling machine on stable ground.
2. After we start the motor, the rotor should be turned in the same direction. First, idle for a few minutes, and observe any abnormal noises, after the regular operation, before evenly feeding peanuts.
3. Oil press feeding time, peanut fruit feeding should be uniform, the right amount. And does not contain iron filings, stones, and other debris to prevent broken peanuts and cause mechanical failure. When the peanut covers the sieve surface, open the export switch.
4. According to the size of the peanuts choose the appropriate sieve.
5. Peanuts in the peanut shells increase, and the motor can be moved downward to tension the fan belt and increase the amount of blowing air.
6. When operating, do not stand on the belt drive side to avoid injury.

7. When using the machine for a period of time, and preparing to store the machine. We should remove the dust, dirt, and remaining seeds on the outside. And also we remove the belt should for storage. Clean each part of the bearing with diesel oil and apply butter after drying. The machine should be covered and placed in a dry warehouse to avoid sun and rain.

Groundnut Shell Remover
Groudnut Shell Remover