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Maize is an important food crop in China. It has strong adaptability and a wide planting area. At the same time, corn is a high-yield crop. As long as the planting management method is proper, the productivity is high. The practice has proved that the use of the corn planter machine for sale can not only improve labor productivity but also increase the corn germination rate. Therefore, the final yield is high.

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Personally, I have engaged in agricultural machinery for many years. Now I will introduce you to how to purchase proper corn planting machine as follows in order to help farmers with scientific and technological farming.

Why should i focus on the climate when buying corn planter machine for sale?

Natural conditions vary widely throughout China, and the climate is divided into tropical, subtropical, and cold zones. Maize has strong adaptability to the climate, and it can be grown from south to north in China. It can also be planted for two seasons in southern China, which results in a long and scattered corn planting area. Each region has different planting methods according to climatic conditions.

For a long time, the row spacing of corn plantings in different parts of China has been very different. Thus, farmers should purchase corn planter machine for sale that are suitable for the local planting ways and climate.

Corn planter for cold areas

In areas with a long winter, corn is planted once a year and harvested in early October. In order to ensure timely sowing, cold areas are planted on ridges. On the one hand, you can use ditch to store winter snow to ensure spring planting. On the other hand, it can effectively prevent spring flooding and ensure that corn can be planted in time.

In cold areas, the row spacing of corn planting is generally about 750 cm. This requires the maize planter to be equipped with wide-rowed and able to ridge.

corn planter machine for sale for hot areas

In hot climate areas, the annual rainfall is large and the air humidity is relatively large. To ensure that the corn is well ventilated during the late growth period with sufficient pollination, you should focus on the maize planting. It is better to use 80 cm row spacing and 50 cm ridge.

To be honest, in recent years, the demand for corn seeder is Increasing, so it is necessary for you to know how to choose a proper one.