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How to buy straw baler? In other words, what are the tips for buying straw baler? Here I will unreservedly share it with you. The brand, service, and baling effect are all key reference elements. For details, please refer to the following details.

 Straw Baler
Straw Baler

  The tips to buy silage baler

  1. Choose a well-known brand. Generally speaking, it should have relatively largescale with strong research and development capabilities and quality assurance conditions. The performance of silage baler should be stable with timely service
  2. Pay attention to the service. The products produced by regular enterprises always have guarantees certificates.
  3. Choose straw baling machine with a good baling effect. Before buying, please consult with those who have such machinery, compare several brands. Totally understand the performance, quality and after-sales service of the product you want to buy.
  4. Trial operation before purchasing straw baler. One is to conduct a startup performance check. If there is an engine, it must be rotated several times in succession to check the starting performance. The second is careful inspection. Continuously run for more than 15 minutes at normal working speed, check whether the machine is running well and whether there is abnormal sound, etc. After the operation, check the joint surface and sealing surface for oil leakage, and whether there is overheating in each bearing position. The third is to check the operating performance.  Check whether the operation is convenient and whether there is deviation.