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After the maize peeler and thresher produces a lot of sundries dust, time is long will affect the normal operation of the machine, next by the maize peeler and thresher manufacturer to tell you how to clean the machine interior?
Above all, should take off the triangle belt of maize husk thresher, clean up above oily, muddy, must not touch acid-base material, deposit alone.
Secondly, we need to open the maize peeler and thresher in layers. The machinery is made up of parts and components, and each of them is in the position. At this time, all the external covers should be opened to clean the internal debris and dust, so as not to affect. The machine is working properly.
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1、Regularly clean the diesel filter, oil filter element (or oil filter) as required; clean or clean the air filter regularly.
2、Clean up grass clippings, straw and other contaminants from the engine cooling water tank radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, air filter, etc.
3、Clean dust, husks, stems and other attachments inside and outside the maize peeler and thresher
4、Clean the mud and straw of each drive belt and drive chain, etc. The mud will affect the balance of the wheel. The straw may ignite and ignite due to friction.
5、Regularly release the sludge from the diesel tank of the maize peeler and thresher, the water in the diesel filter and mechanical impurities.
The measures to clean the maize peeler and thresher are reflected in many details, so everyone should try to clean up as much as possible to promote the smooth use of the later period.