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The automatic maize planting machine can plant corn seeds uniformly, and the depth is even. In addition, it has the advantages of stable line spacing and good soil coverage with high working efficiency. Therefore, it is deeply loved by farmers.

Corn Planter Machine
Corn Planter Machine

What to do before using an automatic maize planting machine?

  1. Clear the impurities in the seed box and the weeds and dirt on the soil digger part.
  2. Fill the lubricant the tractor and the corn planting machine. Pay attention to the tension of the transmission chain and the tightening of bolts on board.

What to note during the operation?

  1. After the automatic maize planting machine is connected to the tractor, it must not be tilted. The whole frame should be horizontal during operation.
  2. Adjust the amount of seed sown, the row spacing of the soil digger, and the depth of the soil-covered wheel.
  3. The seeds added to the seedbox must not be mixed with other impurities to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds and the smoothness of seeding.
  4. In order to ensure the quality of seeding, before using a corn seeder for large-scale seeding, you must first conduct a trail seeding.
  5. When sowing, pay attention to moving straight at a uniform speed. Do not stop suddenly.
  6. In order to prevent the soil digger from being blocked, the automatic maize planting machine should be lifted when reversing or turning.
  7. When sowing, often observe the working conditions of the soil digger and transmission mechanism to avoid clogging weeding and poor seed covering.
  8. You should slowly raise or lower the corn planter machine to avoid damage to the parts.
  9. The number of seeds shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox.

How to handle the malfunctions when using an automatic maize planting machine?

  1. The seed discharging device does not work. The main reason is that the transmission gear does not mesh. Or the square holes of the gears are worn out. They must be replaced in time.
  2. The individual seed discharging device does not work. The outlet of the seed discharging device is blocked by debris.
  3. The seed discharging device can work, but there are no seeds in the soil hole. The reason is that the soil digger or the seed tube is blocked. You shall clean the blockage and prevent debris from falling into the soil digger.
  4. 4. The seeds are discharged constantly out of control. The separation pin of the clutch strut falls off or the separation gap is too small. You shall reinstall and lock the pin, or adjust the separation gap.
  5. Seeding is intermittent, and it is uneven. The reason is that the meshing gap of the transmission gear is too large, or the gear is slipping. You shall adjust it.