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This is a normal case in the corn shelling machine market that the same products have different lifespans! In fact, the most important factor affect the using time of the maize sheller is not only the quality of the product, but also closely related to the user’s maintenance methods.

In the countryside, you can see some corn threshers and other agricultural machinery parked in the outside . The whole body is muddy. Some of them have the scars of lack of arms and legs. They are parked in the fields and under the trees in the open air. Some are covered with simple plastic rainproof cloth, but it is difficult to resist the rain in the spring, the sun in the summer, the autumn leaves, and the winter snow and frost. If the corn threshing machine is not well protected when it is parked, it will not only affect the efficiency of the device but also affect the service life of the product.

Let’s talk about the serious consequences of improper parking of the maize thresher:

  1. Parking in the open air, wind and rain, snow frost, frozen, long-term will cause paint to fall off, rust and stains, mechanical parts freeze crack, greatly reducing the service life of the product.
  2. Some rubber and tanning products harden, age and embrittle, which not only reduces the threshing efficiency but also increases the cost of the user by purchasing consumable parts, so that the benefits are not maximized.
  3. The maintenance rate increases, resulting in a significant reduction in the threshing timeto the user.
  4. Increase the hidden dangers of safety accidents, and the service life of agricultural machinery is greatly shortened.

Generally speaking, a well-preserved corn thresher is used for 7-10 years, while the open-air parking can only be used for about 4-6 years. The better transplanting machine can be used for 4-6 years,while the open-air parking can only be used for about 2-3 ears. The harvester with good storage is used for 6-8 years, but it can only be used for 3-5 years in the open air. In short, it will causing economic losses to the farmers,if the equipment parked in the outside.

In general, If the corn thresher is improperly parked, the service life of the thresher should be affected. In order to improve the service life of the rice thresher, we should not park the corn thresher directly in the open air. Be sure to take indoor or outdoor protection measures,in order to Increase economic income by increasing service life.