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Corn seeder is an important agricultural machine for farmers. How to maintain it? I will share some experiences with you today.

Corn Planter Machine
Corn Planter Machine

Corn seeds digger part

You should check corn seeds digger part frequently, if it is severely worn, you’d better replace it in a timely manner. After the replacement is completed, each cutter tooth of the digger should be adjusted to a proper position to make it firm and stable. If multiple parts are replaced at the same time, you need to remove all the cutter teeth. It is better to redistribute the available old teeth to ensure that the force is balanced and reliable after installation.

Transmission parts of corn seeder

Due to the working environment of each corn seeder is different, you shall check the lubrication of the main transmission parts carefully during work. When the joint part of the universal joint shaft is dry, you can add butter to ensure its good lubricity. At the same time. Meanwhile, check whether the rotating parts are caught in weeds or other stolen items. If yes, they should be removed in time.

Don’t overload when using corn seeder

When the corn seeder is working, do not load too much-unrelated items, and do not work with fast speed. Wh? It will cause excessive force on the transmission parts of the maize planting machine, triggering poor lubrication conditions. Even worse, it can increase the wear of key components and shorten the life of the engine. When turning the ground, you shall raise the parts such as digger and seeds dropping device to avoid damage caused by bumps.

Put the seeds evenly

When sowing, the seeds placed in the seedbox should be uniform and even. The seeds can not contain impurities to ensure efficient seeding, avoiding the occurrence of missed sowing and clogging. When the seeds in the seedbox are less than one fifth, you should add the seeds in time. Meanwhile, it is better to spread seeds evenly to make sure the continuous and smooth planing.

In short, the maize planter machine for sale has a very important effect on corn harvesting. Only by mastering the correct use and maintenance methods can we ensure the working efficiency of the corn planter and increase the yield and quality of the corn.