How to maintain large thresher machine?

Four points to maintain the large thresher machine:
(1)Orderliness: Devices, Tools, and accessories should be neatly placed. Check the completeness of safety protection devices, and integrity of wires and pipelines.

(2)Clearance: keep equipment clean from inside to outside; make sure there is no damage on each sliding surface and lead screw, gear, rack, etc. Make sure no oil, water, gas, or electricity leakage, and debris be cleaned up.
(3)Lubrication: replace the qualified oil on time; Make sure oil pot, oil gun, oil cup, lint, oil line clean enough, and oil mark clearly bright, oil-way unobstructed.
(4)safety: the shift system of assigning people to set alternate machines shall be implemented; the operator shall be familiar with the structure and operation rules of the large thresher, use thresher reasonably, and obliged to maintain the thresher carefully to prevent it from accidents.

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