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Garlic, as common food, is closely related to our daily life. What are the benefits of garlic? What issues should we pay attention to during the planting process? Why choose a garlic planter to plant garlic? This article will tell you the details.

How to choose garlic seeds?

Pick garlic seeds from the ground.

Generally, you should choose garlic with a large root system and full garlic cloves, especially large ones. However, if it is planted in a large area, you should choose ordinary garlic to ensure uniform growth after germinating. It should be noted that when harvesting, try to keep the root system as much as possible. Its intention is to later dry the garlic root nutrition back to the garlic plant, and prevent damage to the root of the garlic plant. When drying garlic, try not to expose it to the scorching sun to prevent damage to the garlic seeds.

Pick garlic seeds at the market.

The garlic varieties in the market are of different sizes, good and bad, and sometimes different varieties. It needs to be noted that the types of garlic are divided into red garlic, purple garlic, and white garlic according to the color of the garlic skin. There is also a single head of garlic, that is, a clove of garlic is a clove of garlic, which is particularly spicy. When choosing garlic seeds, try to choose a kind of garlic seeds, which is easy to manage. You can also choose several types of garlic and plant them separately when planting. When choosing garlic seeds, you must not have rotten, germinated, rooted, or wilted garlic seeds. You should choose undamaged garlic.

Why should plant garlic with a garlic planter?

Growing garlic requires digging holes, placing seeds, and leveling the soil. Bending to plant seeds for a long time can be very tiring. The emergence of garlic planters makes the process of garlic planting easier. The whole seeding is automatic and does not require manual labor. Using a garlic planter is necessary for medium and large-scale garlic. You only need to put the seeds in the seedbox and adjust the distance between the seeds.

The advantages of garlic planters are as follows:

  1. The effective and reasonable configuration of the whole machine ensures a stable, reliable, and efficient operation process.
  2. Quickly adjust the direction of the garlic seeds so that the garlic seeds face upwards to ensure the survival rate of planting.
  3. Automatic garlic planting can save labor costs. The planting area is large, and it is expensive to use artificial planting. The use of machines can save costs and improve economic efficiency.
  4. The density of planting is reasonable and the seeding is even. Improve the survival rate of sowing and garlic planting yield.

What functions does garlic have?

1. food and seasoning

There are three different forms of garlic in the growth process, namely garlic head, garlic sprout, and garlic sprout.
The garlic sprouts taste sweet. The garlic sprouts are green in color and fragrant, and the garlic has a mellow and strong spicy taste. One plant provides three different forms and tastes of home-cooked vegetables in different growth periods, which is also unique. In particular, garlic sprouts and garlic sprouts are marketed in early spring in winter, and they are even more valuable in the season when vegetable varieties are relatively scarce.

2. Good for health

Garlic can reduce the deposition of the inner wall of blood vessels, reduce arterial blockage, stroke, and myocardial infarction; it can reduce blood lipids and blood viscosity, resist platelet aggregation, and reduce the occurrence of heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, and cerebral hemorrhage. Garlic promotes hair growth, can improve the phagocytic function of macrophages, and enhance immunity.