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The safety of tools has always been a concern. What should we pay attention to when using rice hulling machines?

1, the machine uses

After purchasing the rice hulling machines, the customer must first install the feed port on the machine to ensure that the machine is well grounded, and then turn on the power test machine. After no abnormality, continue to operate.

This machine adopts fully automatic shelling technology, which is easy to operate. It only needs one person to operate, just turn on the power and set the time. Prepare the rice to be processed, put the rice into the feed port. When the operator connects the power supply and opens the feed plate on the feed port, the rice will automatically enter the machine, under the high-speed rotation of the cutter head. Quickly and efficiently remove the shell and endothelium of the rice for complete automation.
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2, rice hulling machines use and preparation before use

1. Before using the machine, check whether the machine is stable. Check whether there are any foreign objects in the machine. Check whether the cutter, knife, screw, switch, time timer, contactor and plug are safe inside the machine.

2. The operator must dress properly, wear rubber gloves, and wear protective equipment such as non-slip insulated shoes.

3. Use the left hand to turn on the power switch and the right hand to open the inlet port baffle.
4. Rotate the cutter head in the machine, block the material port baffle, put the prepared grain into the feed port, and wait for the next time.

5. Screen the grain to be processed and remove the foreign matter from the grain.