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The large-scale multi-functional thresher is operated correctly. The thresher is a harvesting machine, which refers to a machine that can separate crop grains and stems, mainly refers to the harvesting machinery of grain crops. The type of thresher is different depending on the grain.
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When threshing, it should be continuously fed evenly. If the feeding amount is too large, the drum load will be too large, the rotation speed will decrease, the degreasing rate and productivity will decrease, the grain entrained in the stem will increase, the quality of threshing will decrease, and the blockage and machine will be caused when it is serious. damage. The feed is too small, the productivity is low, and sometimes the rate of removal is affected. The indicators of getting off the net, taking off quickly, breaking less, and low energy consumption are actually mutually restrictive. If it is to be cleaned, the rate of breakage will rise, productivity will decrease, and energy consumption will increase.
According to the actual situation, the operator should use the “hand”, “eye” and “ear” to cooperate with the “hand” to sense the dryness of the crop, dry and feed more, wet and less feed; “eye” view whether the grass is smooth, roller Whether the rotation speed is normal, the grass is smooth and fed, and the feeding is not smooth; the “ear” listens to the sound of the machine running normally, the load is loud and low, and the other is fed.