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Good news! 57 large output corn shellers sold to Zimbabwe. This type of maize threshing machine has high efficiency, clean threshing, and can meet the needs of large quantities of threshing. In addition to the maize thresher the customer also purchased a multifunctional thresher, a hammer mill and a small-capacity rice milling unit.

Inspection and loading of the large output corn sheller

Before we pack the large output corn sheller for the customer, we send a picture of the machine to the customer for inspection. After confirming that all the machines are correct, we will then pack and ship them in wooden boxes.

Inspection Large Output Corn Sheller

Technical parameters of the high capacity corn thresher

Power15HP diesel engine or 7.5 KW motor
Capacity6t/h (Corn seeds )
Threshing rate≥99.5%
Loss rate<=2.0%
Breakage rate≤1.5%
Impurity rate≤1.0%
Size3860*1360*2480 mm
High Capacity Corn Thresher’S Parameter

Packing and shipping of the high efficiency maize sheller

Why do customers choose Taizy’s corn thresher?

  1. We have worked with many dealers before this. We will do our best to offer the best price to our customers and support their business.
  2. The large output corn sheller meets the customer’s needs because the customer needs to buy a batch of large-capacity corn thresher.
  3. Thoughtful service. We will give the customer all the information about the machine and answer the customer’s questions. We will provide a one-year after-sales service.
  4. High-quality equipment is the most important point to attract customers. Our corn threshers are durable and have a long service life.

We cooperate with many dealers, and after years of development, these dealer customers have become our regular customers. Every year our customers order a batch of equipment from us! Welcome to inquire about our equipment!

Stock Of The Corn Thresher