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rice shelling machine needs four steps in the process of rice shelling, which can refine four different standards of rice. The waste from the shelling of rice can also be reused to make feed or other products.
The depth of development and application of rice husks is quite extensive. Its primary products can be used not only as a culture medium for edible fungi, but also as an energy source for energy generation, production of fiberboard and furfural, and further processing of foods and chemical products such as fast food boxes and beauty cosmetics that are beneficial to environmental protection and health.
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1.Rice husk is rich in lignin, pentosan and silica, and is a good raw material for the preparation of white carbon black, activated carbon and high modulus potassium silicate. Activated carbon produced from rice husks is not only low in cost but also low in impurities, and is particularly suitable for use in the food industry.
2.The silicon in the rice husk burns under certain conditions, and can form porous amorphous silica particles, has a large absorption surface and activity, and can be used as a raw material for various carriers or advanced composite materials.
3.Rice husk also contains a variety of vitamins, enzymes and dietary fiber, which plays an important role in promoting skin metabolism.
4.Inositol, another active ingredient in rice hulls, has a certain effect on preventing rectal cancer and breast cancer.
At present, foreign countries have successfully developed activated carbon, white carbon black, water glass, high-purity silicon, xylose, levulinic acid and various cosmetics using rice husks. There are many unknown ingredients in rice husks, and its development has great potential, and its utilization prospects will be very broad.
rice shelling machine can improve the precision of rice processing, and can also screen all the impurities and harmful substances while processing rice, thus improving the quality and production of rice. Even rice husks can be pressed into pieces to make shell powder and feed. The rice residue produced during processing can also be used for making wine and other small foods. This advanced processing equipment can fully utilize the whole body of rice.