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September is the month of harvest . In the countryside, you can hear the sound of large multi-function thresher work from every household. In the process of using large multi-function thresher, it is best to do the maintenance and maintenance work as follows:
1.The oil filling device of each part of the large multi-function thresher should be filled with grease on time;
2.Always check the connection parts of each part for looseness, if found, it should be tightened in time;
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3.If there are any of the following conditions during use, it is necessary to stop immediately and find out the cause. After the problem is solved, it can be re-worked;
(1)When the transmission part is stuck or the speed is significantly decreased;
(2)When there is an abnormal sound;
(3)When severe vibration occurs;
4.When the large multi-function thresher is not in use, it should be stored in a place protected from rain and snow.