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In view of the maintenance problems of daily rice transplanter, it is also a problem that many users are more troublesome. Taizy Machinery recommends that everyone should thoroughly inspect and repair the rice transplanter before the season, according to the instruction manual, the fuel must be refilled. Come on.

Before use, the technical status of each part of the machine must be checked. If there is any abnormality, it must be adjusted, and the oil should be added to each rotating part and the relative movement matching part.
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In the course of operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical state of the rice transplanter, the resistance is large, the quality of the transplanting is reduced or the work of each part is not normal. The machine should be stopped for inspection, and the cause should be adjusted and repaired. Every 4-6 hours of operation, oil lubrication should be applied to each rotating part as required.

After the end of each day, the rice transplanter should be cleaned, and the machine parts should be inspected for damage, deformation, looseness of the screws, and oil.

When walking on land, avoid collision, so as to avoid broken or deformed needles, shackles and other parts. After the season is finished, the machine should be washed and dried, oiled and rustproofed, and stored in a dry place indoors. Do not store debris on the rice transplanter to avoid deformation or damage.