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After several years of trial insertion, the portable manual rice transplanter solves the shortcomings of the previous transplanting machinery. Its design is complete and can be hand-cranked, subtly imitating the action transplanting of the artificial hand transplanting, effectively overcoming the previous rice transplanting machine’s ability to divide and leak. Insertion, etc., the leakage insertion rate is less than 5%, and each person can insert 0.5–1 mu into the field for 1 hour.

This rice transplanter is suitable for traditional field breeding, factory-free muddy seedling transplanting, and the machine itself weighs about 10 kg. The shape of the mud, the shape of the field is wide, whether it is mountains, hills, plains, whether it is loess, black soil, or SARS, as long as it is artificially plucked, the rice transplanter can be used for transplanting, and there is no special restriction on the length of the seedlings.
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It is suitable for seedlings of early rice, late rice, and hybrid varieties. It is simple in structure, durable and easy to operate, easy to maintain Root seedling transplanting I art complete transplanting machinery, products for sputum, tillering, transplanting in one go, the requirements for long, short, large and small seedlings are not strict, plant spacing and spacing are designed according to hybrid rice planting standards, can also be adjusted as needed the prototype of the product has been repeatedly tested in different paddy fields, different seedling heights and different seasons. The success rate of transplanting is over 98%, and the survival rate of seedlings is over 98%.

The machine delivers ingenious, evenly distributed, the standard for transplanting, and light in operation. The seedlings are arranged in a row and row spacing, and the ventilation is light and transparent. The effect is that the hand transplanting is far from reachable. It solves the problem of the existing rice transplanter: “drifting, simmering, high price.” It greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency. The + points are suitable for use in plains and hilly areas of China.