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Recently, our mobile grain drying machines have achieved great success worldwide. The machine has gained high popularity due to its ease of mobility as well as its favorable price.

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Hot Selling Countries

Mobile Grain Drying Machine

Taizy’s mobile dryers have been successfully shipped to a number of countries, including but not limited to Kenya, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Mexico, Malaysia, and so on. This series of machines has become an indispensable tool for grain producers around the globe with its efficient drying performance and flexible mobility.

Mobile Grain Drying Machine Benefits

Our mobile dryers have several advantages that are highly appreciated by our customers:

  • Efficient drying: Adopting an advanced hot air circulation system ensures a fast and even drying effect and improves the quality of grain.
  • Mobile and flexible: The equipment is equipped with an independent mobile system, which can be easily adapted to different sites and improve the flexibility of production.
  • Intelligent control: Adopting an advanced automatic control system, it can automatically adjust parameters according to different grain types and humidity settings, reducing energy consumption.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Adopting highly efficient energy utilization technology reduces energy waste and meets modern environmental protection standards.

How the Grain Dryer Works

The working principle of the mobile grain drying machine is simple and efficient.

By introducing a hot air circulation system, the machine is able to blow hot air evenly into the area where the grain is piled up.

Through a continuous drying process, the excess moisture in the grain is quickly evaporated to achieve the ideal storage humidity.

Mobile Grain Dryer

How to Maintain the Machine

How to maintain the machine

In order to ensure the long and efficient operation of the mobile dryer, users should regularly perform the following maintenance:

  1. Cleaning and dust removal: Regularly clean the filter and dust remover of the dryer to keep the ventilation smooth.
  2. Lubrication system: Add the right amount of lubricant to the moving parts and transmission system of the machine regularly.
  3. Check the electrical system: Regularly check the connections of the electrical parts to ensure that the cables are firmly connected and the electrical system is functioning properly.