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The quality of multi-function thresher depends on the material used by the manufacturer. my company’s multi-purpose thresher selected every part is strictly tested.
For multi-function thresher, the threshing part is mainly used to thresh the ear of corn after peeling,In the course of use, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating rules and familiarize with the working principle of multifunctional thresher to avoid accidents. In order to carry out the threshing work efficiently. First of all, please remind everyone that the multi-function thresher should pay attention to the following points during use:
Multifunctional Thresher For Maize Beans Sorghum Millet1Multifunctional Thresher For Maize Beans Sorghum Millet5 1
1.Safety precautions should be in place.
2.Cut off power when checking the machine.
3.Check the parts frequently, and change and repair in time if any safety hazard is found.
4.The safety of the circuit is very important.
5.During the working process, the machine’s working state is identified by sound.
6.Feeding should be continuous and uniform, and the machine can not be stopped immediately at the end of the operation.
7.When blockage occurs, should stop processing, cannot have fluke psychology.
As far as we know, the reason for many fatal accidents of multi-function thresher is that in the process of operation, when there is corn card machine, the farmer friend all exists the fluke psychology, did not cut off the power source then extends hand into the mouth place, this kind of dangerous operation is the main reason that causes the injury accident.