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In the global agricultural arena, Kenya has always been known for its rich agricultural resources and hardworking farmers. Nowadays, agriculture in Kenya has witnessed a qualitative and quantitative improvement, thanks to the introduction of the multifunctional maize threshing machine. This machine is not only popular among farmers but also plays a key role in Kenya’s agriculture.

Kenya Labor Background Information

Kenya’s agricultural sector has been plagued by labor shortages. Agricultural work requires a lot of manpower and the introduction of the multifunctional maize threshing machine has changed this. This machine is capable of threshing maize and other agricultural products quickly and efficiently, reducing physical labor for farmers and increasing productivity.

Multifunctional Maize Threshing Machine Benefits

  • Improved grain quality: utilizes advanced threshing technology to ensure that the grain remains intact and dry after threshing. This improves the quality of the produce and reduces moisture problems in grain storage.
  • Multifunctionality and applicability: Not only can it thresh maize, but it is also able to cope with a wide range of grains and legumes, including wheat, rice, soybeans, and more.

Corn Thresher Worldwide Popularity

Taizy company’s multifunctional thresher is not only popular in Kenya, but also globally. Our machines have been shipped to more than 40 countries including Nigeria, India, the USA, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, and many more.