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Kenaf decorticator is carried out at both ends:Break the tip of fresh flax bar by the feed hopper, pull the flax out from the hopper when feeding into the part at the base (close to the root) about 15cm in hand, and then turn the tip to strip the flax base. Feeding break and pulling the hemp out of the hopper are as follows
Kenaf Decorticator4Kenaf Decorticator5

  • fresh hemp stem should be appropriate when feeding. Fresh flax stem number in the hands to be able to grasp the appropriate.
  • when feeding, spread the hemp stalks on hands side by side and do not overlap.
  • the feeding speed should make the Kenaf decorticator break the flax bone of the stalk and the flax skin.
  • slow pulling out. Pull out the speed is slow and should be as consistent as possible, scraping the end of the speed slightly slow.

Structure of Kenaf decorticator

According to the mechanical characteristics of ramie crop stalks,On the basis of the domestic and foreign research experience of Kenaf decorticator,By adopting the design scheme of transverse-feed mode, and the ramie stalks are fed continuously and uniformly transversely through the clamping device, the non-stop processing of ramie can be realized, which can greatly reduce the auxiliary working time and improve the efficiency of flax stripping.