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Tajikistan customers successfully purchased our peanut combined shelling machine designed for peanut processing. The whole set of machines was completed and shipped in the middle of last month, and now the customer has put the machine into use.

Customer needs and background

The Tajikistan customer operates a peanut-handling machinery buying and selling company and knows a wide range of machinery, including peanut seeders, peanut harvesters, etc.

The customer was looking for a machine that could harvest clean and intact peanut kernels. As the customer has large peanut seeds, they seek a machine that can harvest clean and intact peanut kernel fruits.

Peanut combined shelling machine details

We provide our customer with a set of shelling units specially designed for peanut processing to meet their needs. The machine’s screen apertures are 11.5mm and 9.5mm, and a side outlet is added to ensure the peanut shelling effect.

Reason for purchase

In the process of communicating with the customer, we sent him a customer feedback video of the peanut combined shelling machine as well as showed various work sites, which increased the customer’s trust that the machine meets his needs and can shell peanuts efficiently and keep them intact.

In addition, the Tajikistan customer was impressed with our after-sales service and thought that we were able to solve the problem in time and provide him with satisfactory support.