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In recent days, our peanut picker once again jumped across the ocean, was successfully sent to Sri Lanka, has become a farmer’s right-hand man, and also promotes Sri Lankan agriculture to a more intelligent, efficient direction of the sign.

Peanut Picker For Sale
Peanut Picker For Sale

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Customer Needs for Peanut Picker

  • The Sri Lankan farmer already had a peanut harvesting machine at home, but the demand for fruit picking was growing.
  • To improve productivity, he started looking for an efficient and convenient groundnut-picking machine.
  • Browsing through the videos of our machines on YouTube, he found this groundnut picker and was attracted by its excellent performance and ease of operation.

Advantages of The Peanut Picking Machine

This peanut harvesting equipment has excellent picking efficiency and can pick peanuts quickly and accurately, solving farmers’ fruit-picking problems.

Its intelligent operating system makes it easy to operate, even for farm workers without much experience in agricultural machinery.

Peanut Picking Machine
Peanut Picking Machine

Experience Sharing of Groundnut Picker

After using a peanut picker, a Sri Lankan farmer is satisfied with the change in production brought about by the machine.

He says the machine has not only increased peanut yields and reduced the labor burden, but also improved the quality of the peanut fruits, bringing better economic benefits to his farm.

Peanut Harvesting Equipment
Peanut Harvesting Equipment

Feedback on The Groundnut Picking Machine

In his feedback, the farmer emphasized the machine’s superior performance and was particularly impressed with its efficient fruit picking. He said that purchasing the peanut picker was a value-for-money decision that has injected new life into the farm.

In the future, our company will continue to work hand in hand with agricultural producers all over the world to promote agricultural modernization and inject more vitality of science and technology into global agriculture. If you are interested in the peanut treatment machine, please browse this website and feel free to contact us.