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The large-scale corn thresher has been mass-produced in China, and the speed of implementation is very fast. Especially the large-scale corn thresher produced by Zhengzhou Shuli Machinery Co., Ltd. of Henan Province has been exported to Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Congo and other countries. The volume is getting bigger and bigger, the author hereby writes some precautions for the majority of farmers to refer to:

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1. The output of the large corn thresher is very high, so care must be taken during the use. The bearings must be oiled once a day.

2. Large-scale corn threshers are all field operations. After work every day, the dust must be cleaned before work, especially near the bearings and the motor. Never let the dust be buried to avoid burning the motor.

3. In the process of using large thresher, it is strictly forbidden to prevent the incorporation of bricks and stones, otherwise, the hoppers of drums and hoists may be damaged.