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The working process of rice transplanter machine varies from structure to structure, but the basic process is basically the same. The “group of successive points take plants directly ZaiCha” principle as follows: the seedlings in groups form neatly into the seedling box, with the seedling box make lateral movement, make seedling device of successive points, take a certain number of seedlings, under the effect of planting trajectory control mechanism, in accordance with the requirements of agronomy insert the seedlings into the soil, the seedling lifter again in a certain track back to the seedling box plants.
Bagging Machine4Bagging Machine3
All kinds of rice transplanter machine planting parts have the same composition: human transplanter is made up of seedling box, transplanting mechanism, frame and floating body (ship board), etc.
Seedling box:
The main function is to carry the seedlings and cooperate with the transplanting mechanism and transplanting mechanism to complete the work of transplanting and transplanting seedlings. It mainly consists of box body, box frame, door (including curtain) and brush. Under the action of the transverse moving box mechanism, the seedling box moves laterally, thus making the seedling move towards the door, in order to cooperate with the regular transplanting machine.
Above is the principle and structure of rice transplanter machine, please contact us if necessary.