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In the process of maize seed production, threshing is a key factor affecting seed quality and cost. Because seeds are different from grain, they must be kept alive during the processing. If they are not threshed properly, the seeds will be injured or even broken, directly affecting the vitality and growth of the seeds. Corn thresher is used to thresh the dried ears of corn.
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The seed processing process in China is different from that in foreign countries. The water content of the ear of corn in foreign fields is usually 35% after harvest. After drying, the water content of the ear reaches 12.5% after drying in the drying room. However, domestic seed companies are generally small and do not have enough capital to set up fruit-drying rooms. Basically, there is no fruit-drying process. Domestic seed companies usually adopt the method of drying corn on the ear field to reduce the moisture to 18%, then threshing, and then drying the corn kernels with the drying tower, and the corn thresher to reduce the moisture to 13%. Due to the high water content in the ear threshing of domestic corn and the strong connection between the grain and the core shaft, the threshing quality decreases and the threshing loss increases. It is an urgent problem that needs to be solved in seed processing in China to develop a corn thresher with high purification rate and low crushing rate which can meet the needs of China’s threshing market.