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The large-scale multi-functional thresher is mainly used in areas where the planting area of crops is relatively concentrated. First, grow large households to use. Second, users buy it to help others process and earn processing fees.
Why is the market for large multi-functional threshers broad
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1.Low investment costs.
The investment cost of a large multi-functional thresher is about 10,000 yuan, and the risk is almost zero.
2.The funds are recovered quickly.
Last year, a customer purchased a large-scale multi-function thresher, and ordered another three units a week later. According to the customer himself, the machine money was earned back in a week. How can this kind of profitable investment be unattractive?
3.The output is high and the removal rate is high.
The large-scale multi-functional thresher has been improved several times to increase the wind pressure and improve the structure of the feed opening and threshing, so that the removal rate is 99%.