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What is the function of the pumpkin seed extractor machine?

Before purchasing our pumpkin seed extractor, you can check the function of the machine on our product page. The function of the pumpkin seed extractor is far more than his name, he can also extract cucumber seeds, watermelon seeds, zucchini seeds, melon seeds, and so on.

How does the pumpkin seed extractor work?

The pumpkin seed extractor we sell has three power modes, one is a diesel engine, one is an electric motor, and the other is a tractor traction type. The job is very simple, just throw the melon into the machine. The melon that went in came out of seeds.

Australian customers buy melon seed extractor machine

Regarding the size of melon seeds.

The client’s company is in Australia, but he is a representative in China. He has a strong sense of purchasing a pumpkin seed extractor. The customer not only wanted to extract pumpkin seeds, but also cucumber seeds and watermelon seeds. We ask customers to measure the size of various melon seeds. Because only we know the size of melon seeds, we can equip customers with precise screens, which also improves the efficiency of seed extraction. According to the size of the different seeds, we configured a 3mm screen for the customer. If you want to buy a pumpkin seed extractor, you should measure the size of seeds like this Australian customer.

About the tractor

Because this customer bought a tractor-drawn pumpkin seed extractor, our sales consultant needs to know that what type of spline of his tractor. If you also want to buy a machine like this, please contact us because we are professional. Also, we need to know how much horsepower your tractor is, because we determine whether it can drive the seed extractor.


About customer port

After confirming the details of the machine, we started to confirm the transportation problem with the customer. The customer’s destination port is far away from their company. According to the customer’s conditions, we helped him solve the problem of how to transport the machine from the port to their company.

Pay a deposit for the pumpkin seed extractor machine

After solving the customer’s problem, the customer paid us a 50% deposit. After the machine is finished, we send photos to the customer to confirm that there is no problem with the machine. Then we pack it in a wooden box. Finally received the remaining 50% of the payment. We arranged the shipment, and the customer received the machine. It was confirmed that there was no problem and the quality of our machine was high.

Why take the seeds from the melon?

Melon seeds have many functions. For example, medicines, nutritional products, beauty products, etc. So in addition to melons, melon seeds are also a good way to increase your economic value. Like this Australian customer, he took three kinds of melon seeds, because the economic value of seeds is greater than that of cucumber, watermelon, and pumpkin. So, if you have watermelon, pumpkin, zucchini, winter melon, melon, etc., you can buy a seed extractor. This is a good project for your investment.