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There are two types of pumpkin seed extractors produced by Taizy. One is a 5TZ-500 pumpkin seed extractor with a relatively small output. And the other is a 5TZ-1500 with a large output. According to the customer’s production requirements, we recommend the 5TZ-500 pumpkin seed extractor. The output of this type of pumpkin seed extractor is ≥500 kg/h wet pumpkin seeds.

The process of customers buying pumpkin seed extractor

  1. Customers contact us directly via WhatsApp. Our sales manager coco sent the pictures and videos of the pumpkin seed extractor to the customer.
  2. Then confirm to the customer what materials need to be processed. After confirming that it is a pumpkin, ask the customer what the daily output is.
  3. According to the customer’s demand for output, we recommend the customer use the 5TZ-500 pumpkin seed extractor. And send the 5TZ-500 machine parameters to the customer.
  4. The customer indicates that the model can be purchased. After that, we need the customer to provide the size of the pumpkin seeds, so as to confirm the size of the sieve.
Pumpkin Seed Extractor
Pumpkin Seed Extractor

Payment and shipping for the watermelon seed collecting machine

After all the information is processed, the customer transfers the money to us through the bank. We prepare the watermelon seed collecting machine as soon as we receive the payment. After 5 days, the pumpkin seed collecting machine is ready. And we provide pictures and videos of the machine to the customer. Then it is packed and transported in a wooden case.

Taize Machinery—your best choice

  1. In order to solve the worries of customers, we will provide timely logistics information and one-year after-sales service.
  2. Let customers use it with peace of mind. Our machines are of good quality, use high-quality materials, are wear-resistant, and have fewer maintenance times.
  3. Provide comprehensive information. We will provide customers with video, parameters, and pictures of the machine. We will deal with any problems of customers in time.