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The chaff cutter and grain crusher use  diesel engine, gasoline engine or motor to promote.Many customers choose to use diesel engines or gasoline engines.In the process of driving, we should check the cost  amount of oil consumption  per hour.And find the reasons why cost much oil and solve it in time because of the high amount of oil consumed per hour due to straw, grain feeding amount and humidity, or the increase of oil consumption caused by wear and tear in the process of using the machine.
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There are several reasons for the oil consumption of guillotine grinder:

  1. The inspection part is in the front of the oil shell side on the same side of the running wheel. Because the screw of the engine seat is loose, the running wheel rubs against the angle iron of the frame protecting the oil shell under the pulling of the triangular belt for a long time, and the oil leakage occurs when the oil shell is worn through to form a gap.
  2. Check whether there is oil leakage in the connection between the body of the silage machine, the gear chamber cover, the rear cover and the cover.
  3. The connection gasket is loose and incomplete, and the damaged gasket should be replaced.
  4. The normal wear and tear of the chaff engine has been increased for a long time.
  5. If the diesel engine is difficult to start, the exhaust pipe has obvious blue smoke, which will cause serious fuel injection of the respirator. The inner supporting twist spring in the oil ring is broken at the opening position of the oil ring, resulting in unclean oil scraping and burning, causing serious oil consumption symptoms.