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the  structure of rice

Rice is a common food in our daily life, but few of us understand the structure of rice. Here, we must first understand the structure of rice. Rice is divided into seven layers. The rice with the seed coat layer and the grain layer is called brown rice. Brown rice is composed of three parts: skin, endosperm, and embryo. The taste is very coarse. There is a layer called the germ layer and aleurone layer. Although the germ layer and aleurone layer are rich in nutrients, active, and easily absorbed by the body, most rice merchants will not leave this layer because it is not easy to preserve. The lower layer is called the germ layer and the endosperm layer. If the rice is crushed to this layer, there will be very few nutrients, only calories, and carbohydrates. When the rice reaches the germ layer and endosperm layer, this is what we usually call polished rice. 55

rice in the supermarket

The rice in the supermarket is diverse, including glutinous rice and brown rice. But no matter what type of rice, it is finely processed. In other words, rice has lost a lot of nutritional value from harvesting-shelling-threshing-polishing-on our table. This is contrary to the green and natural philosophy we pursue. The rice looks clean and crystal-clear, which makes people want to buy it. Generally speaking, the processing accuracy of rice is low, the higher the nutrition of rice, the higher the processing accuracy, the lower its nutritional value. The higher the processing accuracy, the whiter the rice, the whiter the rice is milled, the greater the loss of rice nutrients. In order to prevent the rice from deteriorating, the processing manufacturers need to add imitation preservatives to extend the shelf life.99

from rice mill machine

Now, we are in an era of rapid technological development. Whether it is agriculture or industry, science and technology have changed traditional production methods. In this situation, people’s demands for life are also increasing. Among them, diet is a matter of concern to people, and people are increasingly pursuing green and healthy food. Rice is a common food that people often eat. Compared with the physical rice sold in supermarkets, the rice milled by rice mills retains a lot of nutrients, including high levels of vitamin B and dietary fiber. These are all beneficial substances to the human body, dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal motility, can promote digestion. This is what we modern people need and ideal rice.66