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Rice mill common fault one: machine shock is too large

This failure is mainly caused by the unsatisfactory equipment of the machine base and the imbalance of the machine itself. There may be three reasons for this situation. The machine base of a machine itself is not good, the frame is too light; the second is that the anti-vibration technology of the machine is not well done; the third is that the foundation of the operation is not flat.

Solution: First of all, when selecting the machine manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to the manufacturer’s technical production capacity, the thickness of the machine material, and the thinner material of the machine base, which will not only have a shock situation, but also have a short service life. Secondly, the rice mill operates and needs to be placed on a flat surface.
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Common troubles in rice milling machine II: net rice in rice bran

If the screen is damaged or the device is not properly gaped; if the amount of suction air is too large, part of the net meter will be blown into the bowl.

Solution: The damaged screen should be repaired at this time. If the damage is too large, a new screen needs to be replaced. Correct the device to pay attention to the surrounding gap and control the amount of air supply.

Miller machine common fault three: work off the belt

The reason for the drop is that the belt is too loose. At this moment, the relative spacing between the rice machine and the power machine should be adjusted. When adjusting, be careful not to make the belt too tight;

Second, because the device is not suitable, the relative orientation of the rice machine and the motor of the power machine is not suitable, so that the shaft of the rice machine pulley and the pulley of the power machine are not parallel; or the two pulleys are not in the same plane, and the misalignment occurs. In this case, the lighter will increase the wear of the belt, while the heavy one will not work properly due to the easy to fall off. In this case, the alignment should be adjusted from the beginning to ensure that the two pulleys are in the same plane and the axis is parallel.

Rice mill common problem four: rice white net effect is reduced

In the process of using some customers, it may also be found that the whitening effect of the new rice milling machine is reduced, and the rice that comes out is not so white. The main reason for this is that due to the wear of the rice roll, the countermeasure is to pay attention to the maintenance. If the wear is serious, the rice roll needs to be replaced.