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This model is a special small scale equipment for paddy rice processing .It is composed of feeding hopper , paddy husking unit , separating unit for brown rice and chaff ,milling unit and air jet blower ,etc .
1. Before using the machine, check each plug and connect the wires.

2. It is forbidden to work at high temperature. The temperature around the machine below 40 °C is the highest.

3. Rice or rice that must reach a safe and healthy level can be processed by machine, and please select and throw away hard objects such as small stones and iron to avoid damage to the machine.

Rice Mill 2Rice Mill 3
4. If the machine is working, if there is more load or blockage, cut and clean the things in the rice milling room and let it work again.

5. When working, when the bran is full of two-thirds of the bran box, please clean it up in time to avoid affecting the machine work.

6. If the machine is working, please do not remove it.

7. Do not clean and maintain the machine until it has completely stopped working.

8. After the machine finishes the rice noodle processing, it takes several minutes to continue to rotate. If all the rice is out, you can turn off the machine.

9. Do not clean the machine in water or other liquids.

10. Do not put heavy objects in it to avoid damaging it.

11. Do not put your hand in the feeding opening during the working hours of the machine.