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Rice milling machine operation method
1.Paddy first goes into machine through vibrating sieve and magnet device ,and then passes rubber roller for hulling .
2.After air blowing and air jetting to the milling room ,the machine can finish the process of cleaning  ,husking ,air blowing selecting , milling and polishing in succession .
3.The husk ,chaff ,runtish paddy ,and white rice are pushed out of machine respectively .
Rice Mill 4Rice Mill 5
Rice mill precautions
1. Before entering the hopper, the brown rice should be checked for metal objects and stones to avoid damage to the grinding wheel.
2. After the whitening is completed, the front rotating block should be pulled out, and the residual sugar in the white room should be cleaned up so as not to affect the accuracy of the sample.
3, the accuracy of whitening needs to determine the number of samples and whitening time from the varieties of brown rice, the number of low-precision samples is 17-18g, the whitening time is slightly shorter; the number of high-precision samples is 20g, and the whitening time is slightly long.
4. When the machine is used for a long time and the high-moisture brown rice is crushed, when the rice bran bonding wheel affects the whiteness, the wheel can be removed by a wrench, and the powder is brushed with a wire brush, and can be used as it is.