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Ghana, a rich West African country, has rich agricultural products for the rice processing industry and provides a broad market. Recently, a customer from Ghana traveled to China to visit our company’s rice milling machine for sale production plant, bringing him an unprecedented machine experience.

Introduction of Customer’s Background Information

This customer is the manager of a rice processing company in Ghana and has a deep understanding of the rice production process and equipment performance. In order to improve his company’s production efficiency and product quality, he specifically chose our company’s rice milling unit.

Rice Milling Machine For Sale Advantages

During the factory tour, the customer gained an in-depth understanding of the advanced technology and unique design of the rice milling unit. Our machines are known for their high efficiency, stability, and energy saving.

Its multi-functional configuration, including a rice milling machine, polishing machine, and color sorter, enables it to respond to the processing needs of different types of rice.

The fully automated production line reduces human operation and improves production efficiency from the time the rice enters the plant to the final packaging.

Description of The Site Visit

In the workshop of the factory, the customer watched the operation process of the basic 25 And 30TPD rice milling machine for sale from a close distance. Our business manager introduced the working principle and technical parameters of each machine in detail.

The customer was impressed by the efficient operation, intelligent control system, and easy maintenance design of the equipment. The rice samples displayed at the factory site also made the customer confident in our products.