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Recently, a 15 tons per day output rice milling unit from our company was sent to Kenya. The customer specializes in the rice processing industry, but the equipment used before is old and inefficient, so he seeks to buy a new processing machine to improve production efficiency.

The customer accidentally found our rice milling machine processing video on the YouTube channel and was attracted by its processing effect. Hope to purchase a set of processing machines with excellent performance to improve the efficiency of rice processing.

Background and reason for purchase

  • The customer’s existing equipment is old and inefficient and is in urgent need of modernization.
  • In the process of talking with our manager, through the video link and other ways, the customer can feel the processing effect of the machine, coupled with our warm and considerate service, achieved strong customer satisfaction.

Rice milling unit uses and advantages

  • The rice milling line provided by our company can produce up to 15 tons per day, which can meet the processing needs of customers.
  • The machine has excellent performance and easy operation, which can greatly improve the rice processing efficiency.
  • The customer watched the actual working process of the machine through the video and had a full understanding and confidence in its performance and processing effect.

For more information about this rice milling unit, you can check out: 15TPD Complete Rice Mill Plant Raw Grain Processing Equipment. And, feel free to contact us for more details and quotation.