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The emergence of rice transplanter has improved the efficiency and quality of transplanting rice seedling. Meanwhile, the maintenance and lubrication of rice transplanter should not be ignored. So, what should be paid attention to when using rice transplanter oil?Taizy Machinery a perennial rice planter producer, said it takes science to use oil to make the machine work longer.
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First of all, for the use of lubricants, whether new car or maintenance overhaul or every shift should carefully check the oil level. Keep it at the upper end of the scale. Tongfang machinery pointed out that if you do not pay attention to the steep slope is easy to cause powerless parking, acceleration of HST wear. Do not save money by delaying the oil change, which will shorten the life of the rice transplanter.
Secondly, for oil and cooling fluid, the oil must be kept at the upper limit of the scale, especially after the new car or overhaul. The oil level should be checked and replaced in time according to the instructions without delay.

The coolant must be sufficient, and it is best to add the products specified by the manufacturer for replacement, otherwise it will cause high temperature and rust.

Third, the fuel should use lead-free 93# above standard gasoline. If the engine detonation or tremor may be water in the oil, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise it will damage the air plate and other auxiliary parts.

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