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In the middle of this month, our company successfully supplied a customized self-propelled onion transplanter to an Algerian onion grower.

Due to the increasing scale of planting, the customer urgently needs a machine that can quickly and efficiently transplant onion seedlings to improve planting efficiency.

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Customer background and reason for purchase

This Algerian customer is a grower specializing in onions, whose products are mainly sold to restaurants, supermarkets, and other merchants.

With the increase in market demand and the gradual expansion of the customer’s planting scale, the traditional manual transplanting method can no longer meet the production demand.

This customized transplanter was purchased to improve planting efficiency and reduce labor costs while ensuring product quality and yield.

Self-propelled onion transplanter customization

In response to the customer’s needs, the Chinese company customized a four-row transplanter and customized the machine according to the plant and row spacing required by the customer.

This transplanter can quickly and accurately transplant the onion seedlings cultivated in the nursery machine into the field, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the growers and improves the transplanting efficiency.