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In order to make high-quality silage, many farmers use silage baler and wrapper machines to store their feed. Silage is a variety of straws, rice straws, seedlings, etc. that is first crushed by a grass chopper and then processed with a baler. The forage will be fermented under sealed conditions to become a nutritious straw feed that will not deteriorate.

Why should we use the silage baler and wrapper machine for forage treatment?

1. Forage is more nutritious

Fresh forage has high moisture, good palatability, and easy digestibility, but it is not easy to preserve and easy to decay and deteriorate. However, after silage by silage baler and wrapper machine, it retains the freshness and greenness of green forage. And the nutrients will not only be reduced but also have an aromatic and sour taste. This can stimulate the appetite of livestock and increase the amount of intake, which has a good promotion effect on the growth and development of meat sheep.

Silage Packing Machine
Silage Packing Machine

2. Environmental protection

The straw in the field is turned into nutritious feed after baling, which realizes the reuse of straw resources. This solves the problem of difficult straw recycling for farmers. It also saves the cost of making livestock feed.

3. Go out the odor and toxin

Silage raw materials in addition to many corns, and sweet potatoes, there are pasture, vegetables, leaves, and some agricultural by-products, such as sunflower head plate, chrysanthemum stalks, etc. After silage, the odor and toxins can be removed. Such as potatoes freshly fed with toxins, cassava also should not be a large number of fresh food, silage can be safely eaten.

4. Flexible and efficient work

Silage baler and wrapper machine operation can be fixed site can also be accompanied by the operation. The baling and wrapping machine works efficiently and quickly wraps silage, eliminating silage leakage, decay, and other losses.

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