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If the crops straw are burned directly, it not only pollute the environment, but also waste valuable resources. So how to use these straws? You just need a machine to help you,that is, silage baler for sale.

The advantage of silage baling and wrapping machine

After the straw is crushed and filmed, the sealing effect is good, which improves the quality of the anaerobic fermentation environment of lactic acid bacteria. Meanwhile, as the feed, its nutritional value is increased as well. What’s more, after baling and wrapping, its smell is aromatic with high crude protein content and low crude fiber content. In addition, it tastes good, and animals is able to digest it easily high after eating. In short, the utilization rate can reach 100%.

It can make waste crops into treasures, improving the utilization rate of wasted resources. The baled straw makes up for the shortcomings of inadequate sources of forage and low quality in animal husbandry, and reduce the cost of feeding. Most important, the quality of meat or milk can be improved.

The application of silage baler for sale

The silage baler for sale can also be applied to corn straw, alfalfa, sugarcane tail leaves, sweet potato vines, reeds, and bean straw. as Dried straw can be stored for a long time after packaging, which has high commercial value.

Why to choose Taizy straw baler for sale?

The film of the straw baling machine is reliable and strong with good stretchability. Compared with artificial filming, Taizy straw baler for sale can save about 25% film. It is flexible and convenient to operate, and the number of coating layers can be adjusted.

The straw baler is designed with European gearbox, and the bearings in key parts are imported. The aluminum roller is cast from high-quality aluminum alloy, and is hardened and wear-resistant. The performance of the host is stable without any failure. The hydraulic system adopts a combination of high and low pressure, which truly reflects the fast wrapping, saving electricity, labor and time. Adopting to PLC system, and the straw baler for sale is controlled by electric buttons, and it can complete the baling and filming at one time.