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At the end of last year, our company sent 8 sets of our best-selling automatic 55-52 model silage baling and wrapping machines to Algeria for use. The following is a detailed analysis of this successful transaction.

Background information about the customer

Algerian customers are our old customers, who have purchased two chaff cutters before. Due to belonging to Islam, the staple food does not contain pork, breeding a large number of cattle, and operating a huge ranch for the production of silage as cattle feed.

In the process of managing the ranch, the customer wanted to improve the preservation of silage, so he decided to purchase a fully automatic baling and wrapping machine to ensure the high quality of the feed and the benefits of raising cattle.

Silage Baler Machines For Algeria
Silage Baler Machines For Algeria

Needs for silage baling and wrapping machine

The customer’s demand mainly focuses on the requirements for the performance of the baling and wrapping machine.

Due to the large purchase quantity, the customer asked detailed questions about the machine bearings, accessories, the quality of the whole machine as well as the price.

During the communication process, the customer clearly expressed his high expectations for the stability and long-term service life of the machine.

Automatic Silage Baler Wrapper
Automatic Silage Baler Wrapper

Transaction process of the silage baler

In this transaction, due to the large number of purchases, the customer had an in-depth understanding of the details of the silage baling and wrapping machine.

Particularly concerned about the choice of machine bearings, the update cycle of accessories, the control of the quality of the whole machine, and so on.

After our manager’s patient answer, the customer has full trust in the technical details and quality performance of our products.

Silage Baling And Wrapping Machine For Sale
Silage Baling And Wrapping Machine For Sale

Positive feedback and prospect

The customer has already accumulated some experience with our products in the previous cooperation and is satisfied with the quality and performance of the silage cutting machine. This is also a key factor for the customer to choose to buy our products again.

After many rounds of communication and confirmation, the customer has a clearer understanding of the performance and use of the silage baling and wrapping machine.

The customer highly praised our company’s professionalism and service attitude during the transaction. After delivery, the customer is satisfied with the stability and performance of the machine after using it and expects to continue to keep a cooperative relationship with our company.