Today, we deliver 10 sets silage baling machine to Pakistan. We have reached an agreement with this customer, and he noted that he is glad to build long-time cooperation with us as our agent to sell silage baler machine in Pakistan.

What is silage baling machine mainly used for?

Silage baling machine is mainly used to wrap the crushed silage into bundles, and then coat it with film. It can be divided into full-automatic baling machine and semi-automatic baling machine.

The finished straw bundles are neat in shape and high in density, and easy to store. This straw baling machine can be widely used in various hay and wet grass, corn straw, wheat straw, sweet potato seedlings, flower seedlings, bean straw, etc. Importantly, it solves the problem of forage shortage in winter.

Why do this Pakistani customer import silage baling and wrapping machine from Taizy?

Because the harm of burning straw is extremely great, in recent years, the Pakistani government has strengthened its control towards it, prohibiting burning straw. That’s why this customer bought so many sets of silage baler machines that are very popular locally. He can gain many benefits from selling it.

So what are the specific harm of burning straw?

  1. Generate a lot of toxic and harmful substances, and threaten the health of people and other organisms.
  2. Destroy the soil structure and cause the quality of farmland to decline. Burning straw in the field disrupt the balance of the biological system, change the physical properties of the soil. What’s more, increase the soil compaction, exacerbate drought, and affected the growth of crops.
  3. Cause a fire. Straw burning can easily ignite surrounding flammable materials. Once the fire is triggered, it is often difficult to control and cause economic losses. Especially in the mountains and forests, the consequences are even more unimaginable.
  4. trigger road traffic and aviation safety. The smoke formed by the burning of straw will decrease the air visibility and visible range, which will directly affect the normal operation of civil aviation, railways and highways, easily causing traffic accidents and threaten personal safety.

Personally speaking, our silage baling machine is equipped with high quality, and the baling effect is very good. Besides, we can provide you with perfect after-sale service, so you do not need to worry about any problems after purchasing it.