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Silage crushing and collecting machine is a rather big machine, and it needs to match with the tractor to work. It is very important to know how to properly use and maintain it.

Silage Harvester13
Silage Harvester

Safe use of straw crushing and collecting machine

  1. The straw crusher should be fixed on the ground with cement. If the working place is changed frequently, the crushing part and motor should be installed on the base made of angle steel.
  2. After the straw crushing machine is installed, you should carefully check whether it is firm. Whether the motor shaft and the crusher shaft are parallel, and at the same time, check whether the tightness of the transmission belt is appropriate.
  3. Before starting, turn the rotor by hand to check whether the rotation direction of the rotor is correct and whether the motor and the grinder are well lubricated.
  4. Do not change the pulley frequently to prevent the rotation speed from being too high or too low.
  5. Feeding should be uniform. If there are noises, the excessive temperature of the bearing and straw flying outwards, you need to stop the machine immediately to check and eliminate the fault.
  6. Prevent metal, stone, and other hard objects from entering the crushing room to cause accidents.
  7. The staff should stand on the side of the straw crushing and collecting machine to prevent being injured by the rebound debris.

Maintenance of straw crushing and collecting machine

  1. After the work is completed, you should clean the straw crushing and collecting the machine at once. The soil on the inner wall of the blade guard and the inner wall of the side plate should be removed in time to prevent the working load and blade wear. What’s more, it is necessary to fill the butter.
  2. Clean the gearbox and replace the gear oil. The amount of oil should not exceed the scale of the dipstick. Check the oil level before working, and release the dirt deposited on the bottom of the gearbox in time.
  3. When replacing hammer claws or throwing blades, they should be replaced in groups to maintain the balance of the cutter shaft. The hammer claws of the same group should be graded according to quality. The quality difference is not more than 25 grams. Installed on the same roller.
  4. After the work is completed, the bearings should be filled with butter, and all parts should be anti-rust treated. And loosen the belt, do not use the ground wheel as a supporting point. And use a wooden block to make the blade leave the ground to prevent deformation.