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Recently, we have successfully sent 8 sets of silage feed baler wrapper machines, including 5 electric models and 3 diesel models, to a customer in Uzbekistan.

Customer needs analysis introduction

This customer has a strong presence in farm projects, and their main purpose in purchasing these machines is for the preservation and storage of feed for cattle and sheep.

Considering that the country of Uzbekistan has no sea, we chose rail transportation for the transaction and provided the customer with a bilingual contract in English and Russian to ensure smooth communication between the two parties. The provision of a bilingual contract and the implementation of a discount policy further facilitated the transaction.

Advantages of silage feed baler wrapper’s use

The role of the silage baling and wrapping machine in the farm cannot be ignored, it can effectively bale and wrap the feed to maintain its freshness and nutritional value, which is vital for the growth and health of livestock. Our products are stable in performance, easy to operate, and suitable for farms of different sizes and different types of feed.

Reasons for choosing our company

Customers choose our company based on our expertise and rich experience in the field of agricultural machinery, as well as the customized solutions and full service we provide to our customers.

In addition, our factory is technologically advanced, the machines are reasonably priced, and the processing and fabrication of the machines were completed quickly and successfully delivered to the customer.