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Two months ago, a Cambodian mango farmer chose our silage harvesting machine to solve the weed problem in her huge farm. Now the machine has been put into use and we have received good feedback from the customer.

Silage Harvesting Machine For Sale
Silage Harvesting Machine For Sale

Background information about the customer

The Cambodian mango farmer chose our silage crusher and recycler to solve the problem of weeds in his huge farm. The customer found a video of the machine in action on our YouTube channel and was impressed by the machine’s efficient performance.

The customer owns an extensive mango farm and specializes in mango cultivation and processing. The processed products from the mango trees mainly consist of dried mangoes, so clearing the weeds on the farm is crucial for the growth and quality of the mangoes.

efficient silage harvesting machine working video

Needs for silage harvesting machine

During the communication with our business manager, the customer mentioned multiple concerns about the machine. She was particularly concerned about the availability of a recovery frame and wheels, as well as the size of the frame, which is directly related to the effectiveness of weed cleaning. In addition, there were a series of detailed questions about the packaging, shipping and delivery of the machine.

Questions answered and help provided

During the whole transaction process, our business manager patiently answered all kinds of questions from customers. Detailed instructions and suggestions were provided regarding the selection of recycling frames and wheels. For the details of packaging, shipping and delivery, the business manager also provided answers and assistance one by one.

Positive feedback from the customer

The customer has accumulated rich experience in the process of understanding and purchasing the machine. She was satisfied with the performance of our equipment and the professional service of the business manager. At the same time, she gave us feedback on the effect of using the machine in the farm.

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