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The Ghanaian client is a rice trader who owns large rice fields and is dedicated to the processing and marketing of self-produced rice.

The customer needs a small rice mill line that is suitable for his workplace to process 15 tons of rice per day. It is expected to improve production efficiency and ensure the quality and yield of rice.

Reasons for purchase

  1. The customer needs a machine suitable for his workplace and chooses a small standard rice milling unit in consideration of space constraints.
  2. Due to the large amount of work, one set of machines can not meet the demand, the customer chooses to purchase three sets of the machines to improve the output and production efficiency.

Small rice mill line details

  • The output of each set of rice milling units is 15 tons per day(15TPD Complete Rice Mill Plant Raw Grain Processing Equipment) to meet the customer’s processing needs.
  • The machines are compactly designed to fit the customer’s workplace.
  • Standard configuration is provided to ensure the stability and performance of the machine.

Reasons for choosing our company

  1. The company assists customers in drawing drawings and designing programs and provides this small rice mill line that meets their needs.
  2. Our company has many years of experience and good customer feedback, high customer trust.
  3. Our products have stable and reliable performance, and we provide professional advice and after-sales service.

Our company has been engaged in the production and sale of rice processing machinery for many years, with a variety of models of output as well as different configurations of rice milling units, according to your needs, we give you the most suitable customized program. If interested, please feel free to contact us.