Taizy Machinery- corn thresher

At present, enterprises producing corn thresher can be divided into three types:
First, the enterprise leaders pay attention to the study of market demand dynamics. Enterprises with high personnel quality and management level have relatively large production batches, with an annual output of more than 10,000 and some as high as 30,000. These enterprises are the backbone of production thresher enterprises.
Second, although the production of thresher has a long history, the product model, management level and production scale have not changed much in recent years. The old enterprises only occupy part of the market share, and their production batches are mostly around several thousand.

Third, some towns or individual enterprises with poor production conditions, low personnel quality and low management level. Although the production batch of each enterprise is not very large, some of the output is only a few hundred or even a few dozen, but such enterprises occupy a considerable number. From the structure and type of the product, the current simple type of thresher models occupy the majority of the market share, semi-double thresher occupies a small proportion, double thresher output is very few. The product structure is mostly ten years old products. In recent years, with the change of market demand, some enterprises began to develop some new type or improved type of thresher, which is popular among users.
Generally speaking, corn thresher is used more frequently in the north, most families still use manpower more directly, simply rely on general tools, the efficiency is certainly very slow, and too tired, people may be many years down the habit, or did not find the corn-threshing related equipment. Our equipment in Taizy aims at this situation, and produces a small corn thresher suitable for home use to help people get more convenient solutions when they are busy in farming.

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