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First, We should know what types of sprinkler system machines are and which parts are composed of. We should first know what types of sprinkler irrigation machines are, which parts are composed, the role of each part, and the benefits of farmers using sprinkler irrigation machines.

Types of Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

The entire sprinkler irrigation system is very convenient to use. In order to meet different terrains and different crops, we divide the sprinkler irrigation system into mobile sprinkler irrigation, fixed sprinkler irrigation, and semi-fixed sprinkler irrigation.

  1. Fixed sprinkler irrigation system. The water pump and the power machine constitute a fixed pump station, and the main pipes and branch pipes are mostly buried underground. The sprinklers are installed on the fixed vertical pipes. This equipment has high investment, but is easy to operate, high in production efficiency, and occupies a small area.
  2. Semi-fixed sprinkler irrigation system. The water pump, power machine, and main pipe are made fixed, and the branch pipes are made mobile. The investment per unit area is much lower than the fixed sprinkler irrigation system.
  3. Mobile sprinkler irrigation system. Only the water source is arranged in the field, and the power machine, water pump, main pipe, branch pipe, and sprinkler are all movable. The equipment utilization is high and the investment is small, but the mobile unit and pipeline are labor-intensive and occupy a large area.
Spinkler Irrigation System
Sprinkler Irrigation System

Composition of Sprinkler Machine

The irrigation system is a water conservancy facility that takes water from the water source and transports it to the field for spray irrigation. It is composed of water source engineering, irrigation system pump and supporting power machine, pipeline system, and sprinkler.

Water source:The well water, spring water, lakes, reservoirs, rivers, and urban water supply systems can all be used as sprinkler irrigation system water sources. Throughout the growing season, the water source should have a reliable water supply guarantee. An irrigation system pump can be used to solve the problem of low pressure of various water sources.

Supporting power machine:Its function is to take water from the water source, pressurize the water, treat the water quality, and control the system. Generally include power equipment, water pumps, filters, fertilizer applicators, pressure relief valves, check valves, water meters, pressure gauges, and control equipment.

Pipe:Its function is to transport and distribute pressurized water to the planting area that needs to be irrigated. There are pipes of different pipe diameters.

Sprinkler:The sprinkler is used to disperse the water into droplets and spray it evenly on the planting area like rain.

The Advantages of A Sprinkler Irrigation System for Farmers

Sprinkler irrigation is a more advanced water-saving irrigation method, which has some characteristics compared with other irrigation methods. As follows:

♦Advantages 1 of Sprinkler System

Save Water: The water-saving rate is as high as 75%, and the water-saving effect is more obvious in uneven terrain.

♦Advantages 2 of Sprinkler Machine

Save land and increase production:The multiple cropping rate of traditionally watered 1.5m small borderland is less than 60%, and the sprinkler irrigation system flat canal to remove the ridge. The multiple cropping rate of the land reaches 90%, and the crop yield is increased.

♦Advantages 3 of Sprinkler Machine

Wide range of adaptation:The requirements for land leveling is not high, and gentle slopes of hills with complex terrain can also be irrigated. It can be used not only to irrigate crops, but also to irrigate garden grass, flowers, and spray fertilizers and pesticides. Of course, you can also use our company’s specialized lawn irrigation system or garden irrigation system.

♦Advantages 4 of Sprinkler Machine

Save time: Save time 2/3 compared to traditional irrigation methods.

♦Advantages 5 of Sprinkler Machine

Save labor and money: The farmer is only responsible for solving the water source problem and does not need to irrigate the land manually.

♦Advantages 6 of Sprinkler Irrigation

Improve soil structure: The traditional irrigation methods will cause too much water, which is easy to cause soil compaction. Sprinkler irrigation systems can artificially control water content, and effectively improve soil physical properties. The effect is to make the soil loose, and suitable for crop seeds to emerge from the soil. It can also improve the field microclimate and reduce the harm of low humidity, high temperature, and dry hot wind.

♦Advantages 7 of Sprinkler Machine

Conducive to the implementation of mechanized operations: strive for time for wheat and corn planting at the right time. Form a virtuous circle of fully mature crops.

♦Advantages 8 of Sprinkler Irrigation

Spray fertilizer: Improve effective utilization. The traditional method of fertilization is uneven, and the effective utilization rate is about 30%. Using the sprinkler irrigation system to spray the fertilizer uniformly, the effective utilization rate can be increased to more than 70%.

From some data comparing sprinkler irrigation and traditional irrigation, we can also see the obvious advantages of the sprinkler irrigation system in many aspects. Such as save water about 50%, increase the cultivated land area by 7%-20%, and save 50% labor. Increase the yield of field crops by 20%-30%, and increase the yield of vegetables by 50%-100%.


How to Winterize Sprinkle Irrigation Machines

How to protect the sprinkler irrigation system (including irrigation system pump, power equipment, filtration systems, fertilization systems, field valves, piping systems, etc.)? After the temperature drops in winter to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance and store related equipment in storage.

First Step

When the irrigation season is over, it should be stored correctly and reported to the shutdown device to ensure the normal use of the next irrigation season. The storage procedure is as follows:

Before storage in winter, when the PE pipe is finally wound on the reel in sequence, it should be carried out under the condition that the pipe is filled with pressurized water.

What Happens if You Don’t Do the First Step?

If the PE pipe is wound on the reel empty, it may be flattened in the section. And such storage for winter, the pipe will be damaged and the service life will be shortened. Damages caused by this will not be covered by the warranty. Before the PE pipes are completely wound on the reel, clean the water in the pipes to avoid freezing the water in the pipes and damage the PE pipes.
Open all the gates and unload the pipes on the street from the machine. Check to make sure that all the water in the water turbine and the pump is emptied. Store the machine indoors in winter, use a jack to support the machine, and place the skid under the axle to reduce the pressure on the tires.

Second Step

Lower the nozzle cart, remove the nozzle from the nozzle cart. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for lubrication and maintenance, carefully package and save. Seal the inlet and outlet of the pipeline with plastic film to let the dirty goods enter.
The supporting water pump, motor, and diesel engine are well maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Reel Type Irrigation-
Reel Type Irrigation-

High-Pressure Cleaning of the Entire Sprinkler Irrigation System

Open several round irrigation valves (less than the normal number of round irrigation valves), turn on the water pump, open the end plugs and capillaries of the main and branch pipes in turn. Use high pressure to flush the round irrigation plots one by one, and strive to flush the dirt accumulated in the pipeline. Put the plug back, and bend the pipe and close it. If the irrigation system is not well maintained, the valve may freeze and crack.