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The corn stalk reaping machine is an agricultural tool that uses machinery to harvest corn stalks according to agronomic requirements when the corn is mature or close to maturity. It is a new type of agricultural machinery, and its aim is to make use of new energy sources and reduce the labor intensity of farmers. It shortens the labor cycle of farmers’ friends and frees people from heavy physical labor.

Detailed structure of corn stalk reaping machine

The function of corn stalks

1. Returning corn stalks to the field

After crushing the corn stalks, then the corn stalks can be pressed into the soil by mechanical deep turning, which can accelerate the decomposition of the stalks, and retain the nutrients in the stalks in the soil. Crush the straw and cover it on the ground, which can better maintain the moisture in the soil.

2. Feed made of corn stalks

There are three ways to process corn stalks into feed.

A physical method: Use mechanical equipment to cut corn stalks, the aim is to reduce the volume and facilitate the use of livestock.

Chemical methods: Use chemical reagents to treat corn stalks, and the commonly used method is ammoniation.

Biological methods: By using microorganisms to decompose the cellulose and other materials of the straw, and the aim is to obtain the desired product. It can promote the growth of fattening sheep, and improve the digestibility of nutrients.

3. Use corn stover as a substrate

Corn stalks can be processed into nutritious organic matter, and their aim is to provide nutrients for crop growth. Mainly include edible fungus cultivation substrate, crop cultivation substrate, and so on. It reduces the dependence of crops on resources, such as grass carbon, and increases the diversity of substrates.

4. Corn stalks as fuel

People can use corn stalks for burning heating, generating electricity, making biogas, and making solid molding fuels, etc.

5. Corn stalks as industrial raw materials

The corn stalk has high cellulose content and good biodegradability, which makes it a good industrial raw material. Corn stalks can be used to replace wood to make pure pulp for paper-making, degradable packaging, and other products. It can also be used to make agricultural materials such as mulch.

Repair and maintenance of corn stalk reaping machine

1. Remove the soil and the tangled grass from all parts of the machine.

2. Check whether there is any looseness of each axis, if there is any looseness, then you should adjust it.

3. Check the blade and cutter shaft, repair or replace according to the wear condition. The blade should be coated with waste engine oil or gear oil after removing the mud.

4. You should park the corn stalk reaper in a dry and ventilated place. If it is placed outdoors, then it should be covered and padded so that the parts do not touch the ground, and the machine should be rainproof, moisture-proof, and rust-proof.

Display of the corn stalk reaping machine