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The rice milling machine is a machine that uses mechanical force to peel and whiten brown rice. The cortex on the surface of the brown rice must be partially or completely removed by physical or chemical means to achieve superior food quality and to enhance the value of the food.

Our company produces a variety of rice milling machines, providing users with the service of installation and commissioning. What are the three parts of the rice feeding machine? What is the role of each part? Today, there is a small series to introduce.
Rice Mill 2Rice Mill 3
1. Feeding hopper: The main function is to buffer and store materials to ensure continuous and normal production.

2. Flow regulation mechanism: First, the ram control mechanism uses the size of the ram opening to adjust the amount of incoming flow; the other is an adjustment mechanism consisting of a full opening and closing ram and a micro-adjustment.

3. Screw conveyor: The main function is to push the material from the feeding port into the whitening room.

The above is the composition and main role of the rice mill feeding device. While pursuing product quality, our company is constantly improving the service system and looking forward to cooperating with you.