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Corn is a kind of important crop for people, so corn harvester machine for sale is very popular among farmers all around the world. What’s the development trend of corn harvesting machine?

Maize Harvester
Maize Harvester

Corn production is relatively stable

Compared to 2019, experts predict that corn production in 2020 will be relatively stable, as more and more farmers have started to use corn harvester machine for sale with high capacity. What’s more, the light, climate and precipitation in most areas are suitable for the growth of corn. There may be few floods and droughts in some areas. Relatively speaking, meteorological stability has a greater impact on the yield of maize.

The price of corn rises steadily

The price of corn increased steadily in the first and second quarters of 2019. At present, farmers have sold all the corn obtained with corn harvesting machine. Affected by African swine fever, the import of domestic meat products has is decreasing and the demand for corn is boosting.

Affected by the Sino-U.S. Trade war, China has imposed a little tariff on US corn imports, which will also affect corn prices.

From the above two perspectives, corn yields are ideal, and farmers’ willingness to invest in maize harvester has been promoting.

Development trend of corn harvester machine for sale in recent years

In 2013 and 2014, the subsidy for a single corn harvesting machine reached the highest value. In some regions, the national subsidy plus local subsidy policy was implemented, and the sales number of maize harvesting machine reached its peak.

However, the market of corn harvester is negative in 2015-2017.

What is the reason for the decline in the sales of corn harvester for sale?

Part of the reason is that more people bought corn harvester machine for sale in 2013 and 2014, and the demand for new machines declined in 2015-2017. Another reason is that after subsidies fell, the cost of machine was increased, and many farmers could not afford them.

Sales are on the rise again in 2018

The corn harvester market in 2018 began to rebound after experiencing a low point in 2017. Its sales were 44310 units, an increase of 24% over 2017.

The actual service life of most domestic corn harvesting machine is 3-5 years. Farmers can pay back just within one to two years, and they start to make a profit. 2018 and 2019 are two important years for the development of new design corn harvester.

In summary, after the peak sales of corn harvesting machinery in 2013-2014, it gradually declined. It continued to decline in 2015,2016 and 2017. It reached the lowest point in 2017 and began to rebound in 2018.